Student Safety

A positive school climate promotes school safety, student self-esteem, emotional well-being, mental health, and lower incidences of substance abuse, student absenteeism, and suspensions. The New York State Education Department (NYSED) continues to promote initiatives to foster student engagement and thereby increase student achievement, safety, and wellness.

Our Social Emotional Learning materials support the state’s ESSA plan priorities and promote a positive school climate. The resources outline benchmarks and frameworks for educators to implement Social Emotional Learning practices in their schools and classrooms.

Mental health education can assist young people and their families and result in positive decision-making and life-long success.

School Safety indicates the safety of the school’s environment based on reported incidents.

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YearEnrollmentHomicideSexual Offenses: Forcible Sex OffensesSexual Offenses: Other Sex OffensesAssault: Physical InjuryAssault: Serious Physical InjuryWeapons Possession: Routine Security CheckWeapons Possession: OtherDiscrimination, Harassment, and Bullying: All Excluding CyberbullyingDiscrimination, Harassment, and Bullying: CyberbullyingBomb ThreatFalse AlarmUse, Possession, or Sale of DrugsUse, Possession, or Sale of Alcohol