The Online Book Fair is Open!!

For online shopping, scroll down and click on “Shop Online” and you will see a variety of things you can do:

1.      Order from an expanded selection of books. Books are delivered for free to the classroom.

2.      Order a book from the “School Wishlist” to buy a book for our school library

3.      Order a book from a “Teacher Wishlist”

4.      Create a “Student Wishlist”for your child to share to friends and family to buy books for your children


You may still send in cash as usual, but if you prefer, there is a new cashless payment option called “eWallet”.

Visit to sign up. Your credit card will be authorized up to an amount you decide on (min $10) and you will only be charged for what your child spends. Though not required, if you have a printer, please print out the eWallet barcode receipt to bring to the fair to speed up paying at the cashier. Each child needs their own eWallet (no sharing).