2017–18 Chancellor’s Town Hall Meeting Dates and Locations

Town hall meeting dates and locations for the 2017–18 school year can be found below. Town halls are hosted by Chancellor Fariña in conjunction with the Community Education Council (CEC) and are open to the public. This is an opportunity for your school community to ask questions to Chancellor Fariña and receive additional information about your district. You should review these dates and locations in preparation for the upcoming town hall meetings and share them with your school community.

Date Education Council Location Translation Services
September 14 CEC16 M.S.267 Math, Science & Technology
800 Gates Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11221
September 19 CEC27 M.S.137 America’s School of Heroes
109-15 98 street,
Queens, NY 11417
October 3 CEC31 P.S.048
1050 Targee Street,
Staten Island, NY 10304
Spanish, Russian
October 11 CEC11 P.S./M.S.194
2364 Waterbury Ave
(Second entrance 1301 Zerega Ave)
Bronx, NY 10462
Spanish, Chinese
October 17 CEC26 M.S.67
Queens, NY 11362
October 19 CEC24 P.S.199
39-20 48 Avenue,
Long Island City, NY 11104
November 2 CEC2 M.S.260 Clinton School
10 East 15th street,
New York, NY 10003
Spanish, Chinese
November 8 CEC21 I.S.96
99 avenue P,
Brooklyn, NY 11204
December 19 CEC13 K056
170 Gates Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Spanish, Chinese
January 9 CEC9 P.S.204
Morris Heights
1780 DR Martin Luther King JR BLVD
Bronx, NY 10453
Spanish, Bengali
January 16 CEC6 TBD Spanish
February 6 CEC1 TBD Spanish
February 13 CEC28 TBD Spanish
March 6 CEC29 TBD Spanish
March 20 CEC3 TBD Spanish, Chinese
April 17 CEC15 P.S.94
5010 6th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11220
May 8 CEC12 TBD Spanish
May 22 CEC25 TBD Spanish
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