Parent Volunteers Needed

Hello 499 Parents:

Our science teacher, Ms. Avila is looking for at least 15 parent volunteers to help support our upcoming Engineer Fair Day on Thursday, May 11th.  This is an all- day event. However, whatever amount of time you can give we would be so grateful.   The volunteers are asked to begin for 8:30a.m and we are expected to be done by 2:30p.m.  Volunteers will be asked  to work at a table where students will visit.  Parents will assist students as they participate in the various table activities. We thank you in advance for any support and help you can give. Lunch will be provided by our host guests from HAKS.

Please  email Ms. Rowe at  the times you will be available to help.  Please find for your review detailed information from Ms. Avila below:

Thank you

Ms. Rowe


Parent Planning Sheet Engineering Fair

May 11th, 2017


How many parents do you need?

I would prefer to have at least 10 parents to cover stations throughout the day.


Do you have a set up idea of how parents will be used so I can share this information and recruit volunteers.

They will be expected to help students in creating their engineering design and test out their design.


Also what are the hours needed? 

The Fair is from 8:00-1:50 pm. We will be setting up from 8:00-9:10 and then we will be cleaning up from 1:50-2:20. Parents can volunteer all day, morning from 8:00-11:30 or afternoon 12:20-2:20. Whenever time they could volunteer would be great.

Station You will be Facilitating:

Grade 1-2 Gummy Worms

Grade 3-4

  • Helicopter
  • Column Test


Grade 5-6

  • Airplane Design
  • Stack Cup Challenge

*Please note that when your child is at the fair I will take your place and you can go and do the project with your child so that you all will get to experience the fair together.


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