New Arista Requirements

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Our school participates in the National Junior Honor Society (ARISTA). Each year students in grades 7 and 8 have the opportunity to become an ARISTA member and to take the candidates’ pledge at the spring ceremony. We expect all students to uphold the cardinal principles of service, leadership, character, and citizenship. Since ARISTA students have the opportunity and obligation to lead the way for all students at PS/IS 499, they are expected to demonstrate high standards of honesty, reliability, and respect.
We want students and parents to know the requirements and expectations necessary for acceptance to our school’s chapter. Please note that the scholastic requirements have been revised. Your child will be notified if he/she achieves membership.
A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 90% or higher in marking periods 1, 2, and 3.
No grades under 80% for any course
This quality is defined through the voluntary contributions made by a student to the school or community, done without compensation and with a positive, courteous, and enthusiastic spirit.
1 Hour of Service each week plus participation in ARISTA Service projects – students who fail to meet the service requirements will not be honored in the ARISTA ceremony and/or graduation.
Examples: PTA events, serving in a religious organization, helping a neighbor, helping a teacher/class during lunch periods, etc.


Student leaders are those who are resourceful, good problem solvers, promoters of school activities, idea-contributors, dependable, and persons who exemplify positive attitudes about life. Leadership experiences can be drawn from school or community activities while working with or for others.
Attend 2 ARISTA meetings each month
Participate & lead school-wide events like Character Counts Week, Respect for All Week, School Spirit Days and Read Aloud Day.
The student of good character upholds principles of morality and ethics, is cooperative, demonstrates high standards of honesty and reliability, shows courtesy, concern, and respect for others, and generally maintains a good and clean lifestyle.
Below are list of behavior requirements and consequences
No plagiarism – results in removal from ARISTA for 1 marking period.
Repeated disruptive behavior (3 or more times) – results in removal from ARISTA for 1 marking period.
No suspension – results in removal from ARISTA for the entire school year.
No more than 10 absences/lateness’s – results in removal from ARISTA for the entire school year.
The student who demonstrates citizenship understands the importance of civic involvement, has a high regard for freedom, justice, and democracy, and demonstrates mature participation and responsibility through involvement with such activities as scouting, community organizations, and school clubs.

All students must fulfill the above listed requirements. Action will be taken for a student whose behavior or honesty has been called into question at anytime during membership. It is expected that all students attend school regularly, arrive on time, and pass all courses.

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